Short-Term Volunteer, WWOOF, and Thru-Hiker Programs

We are NOW (June-July) accepting Summer 2019 applications.  We are looking to fill 2 positions for immediate start.

Short Term Volunteers and WWOOFers (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and Thru-Hiker Programs are provided for people who have limited time to participate in farm activities but are interested in contributing their efforts to the work of the farm while learning a bit and getting a real, true taste of farm life.

Participants get an intense, quick immersion into farm life, work and issues. They are required to work side-by-side with Full-Year Apprentices and Interns in their normal daily activities. (And they are sometimes asked to work on their own.)

The Thru-Hiker Program is set up to host Appalachian Trail Hikers who, on their trek between Maine and Georgia, can check out a day or three of farm life, eat well and get a change of pace from the hike.

Short-Term Volunteers (STVs), WWOOFers and Thru-Hikers all need to be prepared for the very physical, outdoor labor that farm work generally includes, while being willing to participate in whatever chore the farm day’s requirements present. (see Apprentice and Intern listings)

Schedules, length of participation, and times will be negotiated according to the time and commitment a volunteer has to offer and are subject to the need and space availability on the farm. STVs may participate ‘full-time’ for a week or two (or more), similar to WWOOFers, or may set up a schedule for a certain number of hours spread over a longer period (e.g.: 8 hrs./week through the summer). If WWOOFers are interested in a longer (3-6 month +) stay, they should apply as Seasonal Interns.

To Apply

Email (with “Short Term Volunteer” in the subject line, to dom “at” mooninthepond.org) your WWOOF/volunteer requests with specifics and your personal information. Please include abbreviated versions of the application requirements for Seasonal Interns. Thanks!

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