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We Need to Raise $50,000 in 40 Days

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Moon In The Pond Farm is facing foreclosure. Our small, diverse, local farm has struggled, survived, and continued growing strong against the relentless tide of industrialized, government-subsidized ‘food’ producers, yet has not been able to recover from the economic downturn. Moon In The Pond is NOT too big to fail. Uncle Sam is NOT coming to the rescue. The bank is calling in the mortgage.

Only with your help can we stop this!


For more than 25 years Dominic Palumbo has been building a farm on a human scale that’s welcoming and comfortable. Spectacular heritage breed livestock, fruit trees, vegetable production, meats, eggs, mushrooms, dairy cows, and bees punctuate a finely developed permaculture landscape, years in the making. As a not-for-profit education center, Dom’s philosophy and the farm’s mission have grown stronger and more deeply rooted – dedicated to creating and supporting future generations of conscious farmers and eaters. 

We need to raise $50,000 in the next 40 days
to stop foreclosure. We need your help. 

Whether it’s $100 or $1000, we’re counting on you to keep Moon In The Pond Farm open to everyone, training new farmers, and producing good, clean, and healthy food. Without the assistance of the people who care —you— we’ll all lose one of the most amazing farms there is. There will truly be a hole in the socially innovative landscape of the Berkshires.  Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to those who have contributed over the years – Thank you! – we hope you will consider donating again. 

Follow the links, go to the donate page, send, or stop by with a check (payable to Farm Education, Inc.) right now. All donations are tax deductible. 

Many thanks,

Dominic Palumbo, Marian Conway, David Valcin, Elizabeth Talerman, Dan Sternberg, Alexander Papachristou, Rick Palumbo, Jr., Jessica Ely, Asa Hardcastle, and all of us at Moon In The Pond | Farm Education, Inc.

Tax deductible donations to Farm Education, Inc. will be restricted to the farm mortgage through the nonprofit’s rent payment. 


About The Farm

Moon In The Pond is a small farm nestled on a quiet and picturesque dirt road in the southern Berkshire hills in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  Raising food naturally and sharing the experience has been a strong and growing commitment throughout the farm’s history, since 1991.   Through production and education Moon In The Pond maintains a strong focus on the elegant integration of historic and modern technologies.

Farmer Dominic Palumbo invites you to rediscover your agricultural roots with some of our great farm meats, heirloom vegetables, and other produce, a tour of the farm, or by participation in our short or longer-term workshops, internships, and programs.

Moon In The Pond Farm is a MA registered non-profit.  Within the setting of a diversified, artisanal, working farm, Moon In The Pond teaches the value and cultural necessity of sustainable farming, and vital, rural, agricultural communities.
100% of proceeds of all sales support our educational mission.
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