Welcome to Moon In The Pond Farm

Thank you! We made our $50,000 goal!
Congratulations to All of You and Thank You! 
We raised nearly $60,000 (about $10,000 over our goal) to get the mortgage back on track, get the mortgage company off our case, and to allow us to continue our work.  Contributions came in from old friends and very new ones, from all over the world, in small amounts and large. Moon In The Pond’s work to teach about farming, food and the health of the planet resonates with lots of people. It speaks to the deep feeling, understanding and knowledge that we need a new food system, healthy farms, organic food, and well-educated farmers who share our values!  Thanks to everyone who helped getting over this hurdle and launching a new beginning for MITP.  THANK YOU!

Your Spirit Did It
Education is communication, and all of you have aided enormously.  Every dinner table and work place conversation, each comment, like, share and retweet takes our commitment to sustainable agriculture and food awareness farther and increases our effectiveness in untold ways.  You have joined us as educators.  You have become farmers!  Internet tracking of our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now shows we reach tens of thousands.  This is because of your help.

New Spring!
While we were in the thick of pushing the emergency fund drive, we already had, well underway, a great new spring effort on the farm.  With a bridge loan from MITP-FEI board member Alex Papachristou to engage one of our former apprentices, a Moon In The Pond all-star, Rich Ciotola, has come back to the farm to head this year’s vegetable production and to assist with farm management.  Our vegetable plots have been planted like never before and are in fantastic shape!  Several restaurant and volume buyers have come forward (in response to the fund drive) and committed to buying from MITP, so we are already lining up our markets for the anticipated increased production.

Future Security
There have been other benefits from the outpouring of support to the fund drive.  With help offered by finance and legal professionals, we are researching and planning alternative financing that will replace the existing mortgage.  The intention is to free Moon In The Pond and Farm Education from the ominous constrains imposed by the conventional anonymous mortgage holder.

Stay In Touch!
While we farm and educate, check out our produce at the farmers’ markets, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, send a potential apprentice to our webpage, eat locally grown, and of course…

Come visit the farm!

Thanks again.  You’re the best!

About The Farm

Moon In The Pond is a small farm nestled on a quiet and picturesque dirt road in the southern Berkshire hills in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  Raising food naturally and sharing the experience has been a strong and growing commitment throughout the farm’s history, since 1991.   Through production and education Moon In The Pond maintains a strong focus on the elegant integration of historic and modern technologies.

Farmer Dominic Palumbo invites you to rediscover your agricultural roots with some of our great farm meats, heirloom vegetables, and other produce, a tour of the farm, or by participation in our short or longer-term workshops, internships, and programs.

Moon In The Pond Farm is a MA registered non-profit.  Within the setting of a diversified, artisanal, working farm, Moon In The Pond teaches the value and cultural necessity of sustainable farming, and vital, rural, agricultural communities.
100% of proceeds of all sales support our educational mission.
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