French Shallots

Welcome to Moon In The Pond Farm


About The Farm

Moon In The Pond is a small farm nestled on a quiet and picturesque dirt road in the southern Berkshire hills in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  Raising food naturally and sharing the experience has been a strong and growing commitment throughout the farm’s history, since 1991.   Through production and education Moon In The Pond maintains a strong focus on the elegant integration of historic and modern technologies.

Farmer Dominic Palumbo invites you to rediscover your agricultural roots with some of our great farm meats, heirloom vegetables, and other produce, a tour of the farm, or by participation in our short or longer-term workshops, internships, and programs.

Moon In The Pond Farm is a MA registered non-profit.  Within the setting of a diversified, artisanal, working farm, Moon In The Pond teaches the value and cultural necessity of sustainable farming, and vital, rural, agricultural communities.
100% of proceeds of all sales support our educational mission.
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