Join our CSA called “Bacon Bucks”

What Is CSA?  It’s Community Supported Agriculture.
CSA is how people participate in supporting the farm community by becoming farm members.  In return, the farm provides CSA members a ‘subscription’ to the farm’s produce.
This subscription gives CSA customers preferred access to farm products throughout the year while giving the farmer critical cash (seed or planting money) early in the year. It’s a great way to become a farm partner!  You help the farm’s cash flow and make your commitment to ‘local food’ real.

All CSAs Are NOT Alike—MITP Rules!
Moon In The Pond’s CSA innovations: •ultimate flexibility •ultimate diversity •ultimate quality produce •great locations •runs year ‘round!  Shop for what you want, when you want!  BACON BUCKS guarantees you the best of MITP throughout the year.  (We’re not like most CSAs where you get a weekly box with vegetables (some that you may not want, need, or use) and only during the summer months.)  You can follow our Facebook page or Instagram feed to see farm news, seasonal specialties, produce pics and more.  And best of all—as a MITP CSA member, you’re welcome at the farm anytime!  Come on down, take a stroll on your farm, visit the fields and animals and shop for the best food ever—at the source!

How It Works
Simple: When you buy a CSA share at Moon In The Pond—we send you BACON BUCKS!  (see opt_IMG_4437I suggested levels below).  Spend BACON BUCKS at the farm or our local farmers’ markets (see our Market Schedule).  Buy what you want from us, throughout the year—No deadlines or expiration. And, don’t be confused—you can buy veggies and other products—even a farm tour!  BUCKS left at the end of the year? Use them to re-subscribe!

Deliciousness, Farm Fun, and Health—Year ‘Round!
Come down to the farm anytime.  In spring visit the baby animals (and new apprentices!) and pick up your first haul of greens, eggs, or spring vegetables. During the farmers’ market season in the summer and fall visit the farm OR pick up goodies at any of our farmers markets (schedule below)–enjoy the markets, see our amazing array of heirloom vegetables and heritage breed, pasture-raised, grass-fed meats. Even in the winter, back on the farm we have our meats and winter vegetable available (onions, carrots, winter squash, potatoes, turnips, rutabaga, celeriac, etc., etc.)—It’s a Full-Diet, Full-Pantry, Full-Year CSA!

It’s our mission. Our farm is dedicated to education. Training new farmers in our full-year apprenticeship program, hosting seasonal interns, conducting workshops and educating and advocating for healthy, sustainable food production is what we’re all about.  Every dollar you spend supports our mission.

Join—with Cash, Check, PayPal (link below) or Venmo
Sign on right now using Venmo (@Farmer-Dom), PayPal (links below), or pay by check via snail mail with the Bacon Bucks Coupon.  To anti-up with cash, come by the farm or farmers market.

Make It Happen—The Changes You Believe In!
Put your money where your mouth is.  When you sign on to our CSA and you eat the best food money can buy and make changes to the world you believe in.  No other farm has this level of commitment, in so many areas, to changing the food system!  Your participation supports the amazing work here at MITP: educational programs, farm apprenticeships, historic livestock breed and heirloom vegetable seed conservation, ecological agriculture and more. You help change the landscape of sustainable agriculture of the Berkshires and well beyond.  Be a co-producer in a varied, beautiful farm, the way a farm was meant to be, right here in our community.  Farm with us!

Join now with Venmo: “@Farmer-Dom” (See subscription levels below…)

Subscription Levels


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