Farm Tours and Visits

Any group can arrange a guided tour of Moon In The Pond Farm.

A tour of the farm is an exciting opportunity to see Moon In The Pond Farm from the inside as a guest of the farmer. It’s great chance to experience a real, working, modern, “old fashioned” farm up close, seeing and hearing how it works.

Farmer Dominic Palumbo, ‘Farmer Dom’, takes you on a walking tour through the barns, greenhouse, fields and woods of Moon In The Pond to see and talk about the various ways that sustainability, traditional knowledge, new science, modern technology, nature and organic food production play out in the fascinating, complex fabric of an extraordinary eco-agricultural farm. Participants have the opportunity to actually see the huge differences between industrial, factory farms and this beautiful, local, ethical farm.

Tours are interactive—Farmer Dom loves hearing guests’ questions. Discussions are wide ranging: origin and purpose of heritage livestock breeds; modern industrial agriculture; the nature of organic agriculture; evolution; diets: vegetarian, Paleo, Atkins, high fat, low fat, low cholesterol, gluten free, vegan, Weston Price, etc.…; food as culture and fashion; farm lingo and language; MITP’s use of high-tech and low-tech; nutrition—how we are what we eat; traditional food preparation techniques; animal and human emotion, compassion, intelligence, intuition, instinct and rights; importance of regional seed supplies; animal care; livestock feeding; grass-fed vs. grain-fed; local, regional and urban food systems; and much more.

Moon In The Pond tours are for groups of all types (family, friends, professional, school, working, etc.) and all ages.

A tour of 2 hours (min.) can be arranged with a deposit of $50 towards the $200 fee. Call the farm to book or for more information.

At Moon In The Pond we know the importance of the experience of a farm in people’s understanding and appreciation of local farms. Industrial farms bar visitors and prefer that no one see what’s behind the wall that’s behind the fence. In the spirit of openness and transparency we established our “Open Gate” program. Individuals and small groups are welcome, with permission, to visit the farm and take a self-guided walk. Visitors are asked to call ahead, announce their arrival, stay on the pathways and act respectfully; and to keep in mind that this is a working farm. They are welcome to look at the animals, but as this is not a petting zoo, no contact with animals is allowed. And, please, no pets.

Moon In The Pond products are seasonally available at the farm—bring so bring a picnic cooler and ice packs to bring home your purchases.

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