School Groups

Our farm has been host to school groups of every level for many years. From Pre-K to Post Grad, students make mind-blowing discoveries when they’re guided through the amazing diversity that is Moon In The Pond Farm. Whether it’s experiencing the resonance of the deep bellow of a cow’s greeting, or the direct observation of the scores of ecotopes that comprise a diverse and ecologically sensitive farming system—it’s awesome to share it with fellow students and the farmer, apprentices and interns at Moon In The Pond. Every visitor leaves a farm tour with a greater understanding of the interdependent relationships our lives depend on and an increased respect for them. From the direct experience of a farm students take into their lives, back to school and home a truer sense of their place in the world, their health and the health of the planet.

School tours of the farm can be arranged by calling the farm. Tours are two hours (minimum) with a fee of $200 and are limited to 20 persons total. Children must be accompanied 1:5 by adult chaperones. (Adult groups don’t necessarily need to be accompanied by children!)

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