Winter 2017/2018 Quilt Raffle

  • On a ladder

We’re having a raffle for this absolutely beautiful handmade quilt. Our ardent fan and avid quilter, Marian Conway has lovingly crafted this traditional patterned quilt to benefit our educational programs here at Moon In The Pond.

In the traditional log cabin pattern, the quilt is constructed of blocks of various calicos, novelty, and paisley prints in earthy soft browns, tans, and maroons contrasting with a pastel pink floral print. The delicate rose-colored floral forms a wide border around the whole quilt. Miniature blocks accent each corner. The backing is a plush, brown, strong flannel that frames and sets off the more delicate colors of the face. The long arm quilting is in a swirling design that reflects the curving designs of the fabrics.

Tickets may be purchase one at a time for $15 or in packs of 5 for $60. Anyone who gives a donation during the raffle period is automatically be entered into the raffle (with 1 ticket).

Buy 1 at a time  |  Buy a 5 pack

The drawing will be January 1st, 2018!

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