A small, diverse, eco-agriculture farm that produces clean food, Moon In The Pond Farm is committed to permaculture and organic principles, and holds a mission to educate.

We…teach the value and…necessity of sustainable farming and vital rural agricultural communities.

Moon In The Pond is dedicated to increasing the understanding of the importance of sustainable local food systems and conducts a wide variety of educational programs within the setting of a working, diversified, artisanal farm. We work with individuals and groups to teach the value and cultural necessity of sustainable farming and vital rural agricultural communities. Moon In The Pond draws on traditional and modern knowledge and demonstrates the skills and techniques of ecological local food production.

opt_04062014B-54Moon In The Pond Farm was established in 1991 on a farmstead that dates back to late 1760’s. The farm and educational programs now operate from the original house (1786, 1810) and barn (late 1700’s and 1950’s), and on approximately 150 acres of owned and leased, conserved land.

In production, the farm includes: ca. 130 acres of pasture and hay, 1/2 acre vegetable Market Garden, 10 Horned Dorset sheep (and 12-18 lambs for meat), one dairy cow, (+ calves), 15 Scottish Highland cattle (beef), 3 Large Black (Cornwall) pigs (and as many as 30 piglets raised for pork), 30 New Hampshire laying hens, and 100-200+ meat chickens, 12 Pilgrim geese (meat and eggs), 40 Khaki Campbell Ducks (meat and eggs), 80,000 (give or take a few) honey bees (two hives), Winecap and Shiitake mushroom production, and much more.

As a small, diverse, sustainable, permaculture farm dedicated to education, the relationship of people to nature is constantly explored in a myriad of ways that includes animals, crops, self-sufficiency, sustainability, opt_IMG_6158permaculture, ecology, conservation of heirloom vegetable varieties and seeds, conservation of historic livestock, and traditional and modern farming techniques; all while working at filling the needs of today’s culture and society. We raise all heritage breed animals for meat (nearly ten thousand pounds annually) and only heirloom vegetables. We also produce eggs, honey, fruit and lots more. We sell our produce locally, directly to families, partly through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) at the farm and at local farmers’ markets. 100% of the proceeds of all sales benefit our educational mission. Moon In the Pond operates as a non-profit educational organization registered in Massachusetts and accepts donations to support our work.
opt_rt_inset_SheffieldFarmersMarket_425MITP is located in the bosom of the Berkshires, a cultural and alternative-culture Mecca. The farm sits within view of Mt. Everett and the Appalachian Trail, and surrounded is by about 1500 acres of protected and conserved land as part of the Schnob Brook watershed. We’re very aware and sensitive to our relationship in a broader ecology.

Visitors are welcome to the farm as part of our commitment to openness and transparency. Because we always enjoy sharing what we do, we also offer guided tours of the farm and our work. Please come see the farm, participate in our learning, enjoy our products, and support our work—that way you too make the changes we want to see!

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