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Our Longstanding Commitment
Our products here at Moon In The Pond demonstrate the diversity that we stand for in our commitment to eco-agriculture. The wide range of animals and plants on the farm make up a complex system that gives us an unparalleled experience of the beauty of life. It nurtures us. It nourishes us. We’re delighted to share that with you.
From its inception, Moon In The Pond Farm has been dedicated to organic, regenerative agriculture. Well before organic became mainstream, we were absolutely committed to eschewing toxic, unnatural treatments of the land, plants or animals. We remain absolutely committed to respect for nature, our natural selves, and the people we feed that trust us to give them the best, cleanest, most wholesome, most nutritious and most exquisitely delicious food possible. So…

Our Farming and Food Production Philosophy and Practices
We use management practices to promote soil life and healthy systems from the ground up; systems that are based on the regenerative cycles that nature illustrates for us.  In keeping with this imitation of natural cycles, we strive to understand and work within the natural capacities and limits of the land itself.

We keep animals out-of-doors on pasture and in woodlands, and rotate pastures frequently.  This allows our animals to be a natural regenerative force in deepening the complexity and natural diversity of the farm.  Cows, and sheep are never fed grain but are on pasture eating grass.  In the winter, cows, sheep and pigs are fed hay from our own fields and from other local farmers. Pigs, chickens, turkeys, and geese are fed certified organic whole grains grown in the northeast. The humane treatment of animals throughout their lives is a priority. Our animals are slaughtered in a small, local, farm-family owned and operated, certified “Animal Welfare Approved” humane facility.

We grow vegetables in plots copiously mulched and composted.  This builds soil health that includes a diversity of soil flora and fauna that in turn maximizes the conservation and recycling of wateropt_MoonInThePond_4131B and nutrients. We do not routinely use irrigation (because the habitual use of irrigation depletes a wide range of natural resources). Our vegetable plots are rotated so that each plot is fallow for two out of three years to allow regeneration of soil life.

We have committed to raise exclusively heritage breed animals and heirloom vegetables. For thousands of generations heritage breeds and heirlooms have been selected for inherited traits that give them superior ability to be resilient and to thrive in management schemes (like ours) that did/do not rely on toxic chemical inputs.

We use no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We do not routinely use antibiotics or any other veterinary drugs (except for emergencies).

Products that we make, or have made for us from our produce, are minimally processed using traditional recipes and methods.  We use organic ingredients, herbs and spices—our own if possible*. We do not use chemical or unnatural additives, preservatives or ‘flavorings’, no fillers, no msg, no nitrites or nitrates. If a recipe needs sugar we use organic, free trade ‘raw’ (with the molasses and minerals) sugar, local maple syrup or local honey.

*Product ingredients that are raised on the farm:
Garlic, onions, scallions, dill, mint, hot pepper, sweet pepper, juniper berries (wild foraged), bay leaves, sage, rosemary, basil, parsley, shiso, honey, hazelnuts, etc.

“I started farming because I love food and cooking. When I started in the early 90s there were few, if any, sources of locally grown food. I wanted the comfort of knowing my food was not contaminated with chemicals and antibiotics—so I started raising my own.” -Farmer Dom

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