Roast Pork

Total prep time: 1 min. Total cooking time: about 45 mins.(2-3 lb.) to 1 ½
hr. (3-4 lb.)

Choose any heritage breed, organic pork roast cut-your preference. Preheat the oven to 450F. Salt the heck out of a fresh ham, shoulder, butt or loin roast. Put it in a pan (on a rack or not,) stick it in the oven. In 15-20 mins. lower the heat to 325F. 40 mins. from the start check the temp. (see above myths: 3.b.) You’re shooting for 145F max. internal temp. Turn the roast around front to back (gotta give you something to do!) When you reach 135F quickly check temp every 10-15 mins. When you get to 145F take it out and let it rest covered for 10 mins. Enjoy! You’ll be showered with compliments if you can hear them above your own wowing and moaning and oh-my-godding!!

Tips and tricks: >If the roast has skin on (ham, shoulder, picnic ham, etc.) score through the skin, just, not to the meat, to allow the fat to render and the skin to crisp. A very sharp knife, or better, a box cutter/utility/razor knife: buck 69-hardware store. >Put a half cup water in the pan at the start to prevent smoke. >If the roast starts to turn very dark brown (black) cover with foil ’til the last 5-10 mins. > Paint roast well with combo mix of good organic mustard and local honey in the last 5-10 min.