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We’re Buzzin’!

Honey Flow! Check your hives! The season is here: after the April-May rains (that we didn’t much get). Dandelions fade. Billions of flowers explode on nectar bearing ‘honey trees’. The major spring flow hits. Honey bees are crucial pollinators for our food. Over 90% of food crops are pollinated by honey bees. The industrial, chemical,…

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You and the New Farmers

So many exciting things are happening here at Moon in the Pond Farm,

but we need your help!

First of all, this winter our educational arm received its IRS 501c3 designation. While Moon in the Pond Farm has been a teaching facility for organic and sustainable farming, we had to use another nonprofit to handle the financial end. Now we are officially a non-profit, on our own and we are now able to accept fully tax-deductible donations toward supporting our educational mission.

It couldn’t come at a better time. The need and the desire to learn are out there. There’s a hunger for practical experience in the diverse, ground breaking sustainable, organic farming we have been doing here at MITP for the past 23 years. We need help to continue providing the wide variety of real farm experiences we do. Now, with the assistance of donors like you, we will continue to be able to offer just that through our seasonal internships and full-year apprenticeships.

You’ve already demonstrated your interest in Moon in the Pond Farm, in our products, our methods, our mission. Won’t you please consider giving a tax-deductible gift to educate the next generation of sustainable farmers? We need three summer interns or year-round apprentices by the first of June in order to give these new farmers the full experience, and to get everything done that needs to be done to bring our high quality produce to market. So, as you’ll see on the sponsor page, we’re offering some incentives…

But that’s not all that’s happening here at Moon in the Pond Farm! The farm is exploding with new life and new products. We will once again be at Rubiner’s on Main Street in Great Barrington on Wednesday and Friday afternoons and in Millerton every Saturday. We look forward to seeing you, and to sharing all the bounty of the farm with you!
Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.24.54 AM
Thank you so much for your interest in Moon in the Pond Farm!
Happy Spring!

Dominic Palumbo,
Farmer in Charge

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Winter Solstice

For us on the farm, the winter solstice marks both the end and the beginning of the year. We cannot help but be in tune with the rhythms of the seasons. We start new apprentices in the winter because it is the slowest season. Our time is spent cloistered indoors, which provides endless opportunities for…

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Greetings from the farm!

Wow! As usual spring has been frenetic. Baby animals everywhere—piglets, lambs, chicks, calves, keets, goslings, and poults! Keeping up with all of them and the fast growing greenery has been a challenge. And children! Not kids, humans. The 60 second graders from Undermountain Elementary visited and matched the piglets with squeals of delight at seeing…

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Bacon Bucks 2012

In fact, as Spring blooms, it is deceptively easy to forget the difficulties we had this winter.  In January, we sent out an appeal – a plea! – for donations; after losing our major source of funding last year we were desperate for help to continue our educational mission.  And… our community saved us!  You showed us definitively that yes, our role is important and that you have a stake in it.  We received almost $15,000 from our fundraising campaign, just enough to jumpstart this year of growth.

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December 29, 2011

Moon In The Pond Farm Needs Your Help! Farming is building healthy, clean, responsible communities.  Educating is ensuring them for future generations.  This is the world we want.  Help us create it, help us to keep it. Dear Friends, Moon In The Pond Farm’s mission is to educate and connect people through the thoughtful and…

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Spring 2011 Update

As the Cold Grip Is Released Even with the record snow, ice and sub-zero temps, life continued to hum on the farm. And with lots of help from four hard working aspiring farmers, twice a day, we’re feeding beef and dairy cattle, sheep and pigs, and our flocks of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea…

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