Greetings from the farm!

MoonInThePond_0959Wow! As usual spring has been frenetic. Baby animals everywhere—piglets, lambs, chicks, calves, keets, goslings, and poults! Keeping up with all of them and the fast growing greenery has been a challenge.

And children! Not kids, humans. The 60 second graders from Undermountain Elementary visited and matched the piglets with squeals of delight at seeing real farm animals, smelling real compost, and beginning to understand where food actually comes from. 8 year-olds are brilliant!

I finally have an intern—and an excellent one at that. Iowa Aaron has returned to Moon In The Pond to learn about sustainable organic farming with a mind to having his own farm one day. He’s sponging up info, mopping up messes, and otherwise helping to get things on track. He’s been a great help already. You’ll all meet him soon.

We took the bacon out of the barrel last week and hung it in the smoke house and after 3 days of gentle smoking over sugar maple it’s ready. If we can get it bagged and weighed, I’ll have it at the Sheffield Farmers’ Market this Friday (Yep, the market got underway two weeks ago and I failed to let you know! Please come down: 4-7pm). Getting the bacon there’s a bit iffy, as Tuesday was spent shearing sheep, so subsequently (10x fast) the week is jammed. But I and the other farmers/vendors will have lots of stuff there for you, rain or shine.

Bacon and Ham Hocs in the Smoke House
If you’re reading this, you know by now that I’ve launched a website. This is nearly as miraculous as calving! The spectacular result is the hard work, great skill, and magnificent eye of Jason Houston. Please take some time and check it out. F.Y.I. on the site, in addition to a master list, is a list of current offerings and prices. This will be updated at least monthly so you know at a click wussup.

Our friend David got a chicken at the farmers’ market a couple of weeks ago and came back for another one the very next week. He had forgotten (!!) how incredibly succulent and tasty they are and had to have a second! I have more chickens–treat yourself to two too.

I’m late also letting you all know about Bacon Bucks, our community supported agriculture (CSA) program. Now in its third year, it will work just the same as it has. Close this window and click on ‘ORDERS & PURCHASING’ for more information. Get on the ‘A’ list—send your request from the form there, along with your check indicating the level at which you want to join, Tiller ($500), Seeder ($250) or Weeder ($150).

A short time ago we sent some of our Large Black pigs to slaughter and I’m short on freezer space so I’m having a sale on pork to preferred customers. On the following cuts, for readers of this newsletter only, one dollar off per pound: pork butt, shoulder, and half hams, both ‘fresh’ and ‘cured and smoked.’ TWO DOLLARS OFF PER POUND for Bacon Bucks members!! It would be helpful if you would call or e-mail you orders so that I can pull them and have them ready for you whenever you’d like to pick them up. I’ll make this offer good until the end of June or until those cuts run out. Any of you that have had roasts from the Large Blacks know what spectacular results they yield and how easy to fix. If you need help with recipes or cooking advice, just ask. Chef Jeremy and I will be putting tips on the website.

See you soon at the farm or market (TOMORROW!),