September 09


We’re Open Year ‘Round

In these beautiful Berkshire fall days you are welcome to visit and stroll around the farm.  We’d love to have you come and see what we’re up to and enjoy an autumn excursion to the countryside.

(Call us (413/229-3092) or email if we can put an order together for you!)

Five Hundred Plus Years of Turkey History

Our Narragansetts are really looking great wandering at will all around the farm.  They’ve taken to ranging through the woods out back to the pastures, and are finding a crazy assortment of wild seeds, fruits, nuts, bugs and forage.
(read more about the history of the breed and view more photos)

Because they are bred and maintained for vigor, health, and functional conformation, you won’t find giant-white-meat-marshmallow breasts on our turkeys.  This missing mass of obscene mush is replaced instead with a reasonable quotient of rich, flavorful light meat and generous servings of dark.  Don’t be too shocked when your Thanksgiving meal looks like the bird it is, and not the Macy’s parade version.

Click here to pre-order one of these exceptional Thanksgiving turkeys: NARRAGANSETT TURKEY ORDER. To pre-order, we ask that you pay a $50 deposit. The turkeys will range in weight from 8 to 15 pounds. They are $10/per pound. Please add weight preference to instructions to seller on the last paypal checkout page. They will be available for pick-up at the farm Tuesday 11/24.

The Narragansett turkey is a Slow Food Ark Of Taste breed.

What’s a Hot Dog?

The best lunch at Rubi’s!

Our hot dogs have been a great success –we often sell out. They’re back now.  And though most of you know how great they taste, I want you to know why.  First, they’re all beef. 100% grass-fed beef that’s got all the flavor from the sweet nutrition in our organic fields. We use real beef cuts – chuck and round – and don’t add cereal fillers, no additives to make them pink like beet juice, coloring agents or nitrites, no stabilizers, or milk powder. Our hot dogs are nothing but a German-style (Frankfurt!)  all beef sausage that’s fully cooked in the smoker over real hickory wood.  (To prep: When they’re fully thawed, put into boiling water or on a hot griddle or the grill: no more than 3 minutes!  To be sure they keep all their juicy goodness.)  And when you’re peckish in GB, go to Rubi’s and ask for a Moon In The Pond Dog. (If you must have extras, “on the side”, please!)

Lardo di Colonnata

When I went to Terra Madre in 2006, I discovered an Italian secret, a traditional cured meat that has for hundreds of years delighted people who searched it out in Tuscany’s Carrara mountains. Between layers of salt, herbs, garlic, juniper berries and spices, pork back fat is packed into marble boxes and left to absorb the complex wonderful flavors undisturbed for six months.   When it’s ready, it’s sliced paper thin and curls of the fragrant buttery goodness are served on crunchy hot crostini.  Pure white becomes splendidly translucent as the perfume of rosemary and garlic floats to your nose and the “Lardo” melts over your tongue.  My immediate thought – “I have wonderful pork fat, homegrown garlic, rosemary, native juniper berries, and Berkshire marble at home – I can do this.” Thanks to the help of stone artist Mark Mendel’s construction of a marble box, I’ve had Moon In The Pond pork curing since last February.  It’s finally ready!  Available here at the farm (in quarter to half pound chunks), and also at Rubiner’s Cheesemongers in G B (where you can get as much as you like sliced to the perfect  thinness).  Heaven!
As a special gift to our CSA members: a free quarter pound sample of this exquisite delicacy—for pick-up at the farm.

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