Last Update: October 30, 2020

Friday Farm Food Pickup

To order, simply…
– Copy and paste items to the submission form at the bottom of this page
Make sure to type in a variety (if applicable) and quantity!
– Specify a time on Friday for your pickup
– Hit SEND!

The deadline for Friday pickups is Thursday at 5pm.

All orders are for FRIDAY PICKUP at the farm (816 Barnum St. Sheffield, 01257). After we have filled your order, we’ll send a confirmation email with the total cost and payment advice. Orders are put into coolers at our drive-thru station and will be available for pickup after your assigned pickup time.

If you are a new customer, please send us a friend request on Venmo (Venmo ID: Farmer-Dom).

Our Email: dom @ (no spaces)
Scroll down for meats.

  • Vegetables

    All produce organically grown here at Moon In The Pond Farm or from our organic farm neighbors and friends.

    Please specify variety and poundage for all veg.

  • **Celariac/Celery Root

    • per lb $5

    The spectacular baseball-size root that's great julienned with mustard-mayonaiseas dressing the iconic French salad , roasted with meat, or steamed and mashed as a side.

  • Beets, Golden, Striped or Purple

    • per lb $4-5

    Medium to large beets are great for salad, roasted, grill or boil.  Golden, "Chioggia" (striped) or Purple/red–please specify.

  • Potatoes

    • per lb $5

    "Cheiftan" red skinned, white flesh; from our fields. 2 lb. min.

  • **Fingerling Potatoes: “LaRatte”, “Peruvian Purple” and “Papa Cacho”, “Sweet Potatoes”

    • per lb $6

    "LaRatte" – Amazing French heirloom, golden skin/golden flesh

    "Peruvian Purple" – Ancient Peruvian variety.  Dark purple skin and flesh – GREAT for roasting!

    "Papa Cacho" – Peruvian heirloom, rose skin/pink-streaked flesh

    "Sweet Potatoes" – small sweeties!–typical sweet potatoes but fingerling size (4-8 potatoes/lb.)

    2 lb. min.  Please specify variety and poundage.

  • **Sweet Potatoes–orange and “Murasaki”

    • per lb. $4-6

    Orange Standard–Big (1.5-2 lbs. each!), gorgeous, clean, southern orange-fleshed standard.  From our organic friends at Laughing Child Farm in Maine. $4

    "Murasaki" — the white,sweet fleshed Japanses sweet potato.  Magnificent. $6

  • **Baby Bok Choy

    • per lb. $7

    Crunchy, juicy mainstay of every stirfry.

  • Carrots, sweet new harvest, orange

    • per lb $5

    Orange, sweet carrots, 2 lb. min.

    please specify poundage

  • Leeks

    • per lb $6

    Big and beautiful

    2 lb. min.– please specify poundage

  • **Gilfeather Turnip/Rutabaga

    • per lb $4

    Turnip or Rutabaga, depends who's talking and where!  No matter, it's GREAT!  Farmer Dom's favorite winter vegetable.  Mild, sweet, dleicious rutabaga-turnip flavor–raw, steamed, roasted. (about 1.5 lbs ea.)

  • **Kohlrabi

    • per lb $4

    Small (lemon-sized) or Giant (2 each!), magnificent, crunchy, delicious and mild–cabbage-heart German staple.

  • **Daikon Radish, Purple

    • per lb $4

    Gorgeous, spicy!

  • **”Cherry Red” Radishes

    • per bunch $5

    Beautiful, bright, crisp, sharp!

  • **Turnips, “Scarlet Ohno”

    • per lb. $4

    Lovely red-pink skinned turnip for roasting or steaming.

  • Watermelon Radish

    • per lb. $4

    2 lb. min.

    please specify poundage

  • Fennel

    • per lb. $5

    Sweet juicy bulbs. 

  • Cabbage: “Tendersweet”, or “Early Jersey Wakefield”–farmer’s choice

    • per head $4

    Our own and from our friends at MX Morningstar.

  • Broccolini

    • per lb. $8

    Our own “Piracicaba”–magnificent.

  • Kale: “Lacinato”

    • per bunch $6

    After the frost, it's now as great as kale could be!

    Big dinosaur bunches of "Black Magic" from our own fields. 

  • Peppers, Shishito

    • half pint basket` $6

    The famous Japanese snack–blister them in a dry skillet, toaster oven, over the gas flame or on the grill, then toss with olive oil and salt.  YUM!!

  • Hot Peppers: “Poblano”, “Jalapeño”

    • per lb $8

    The poblano peppers are mild, sweet with heat!

    From our friends at Kitchen Garden Farm.

  • **Bell, “Carmen” and “Cubanelle”,Frying Peppers, green-turning-red (pls specify)

    • per lb. $10

    Bell–standard green, "Carmen"–horn shaped, green-turning-red, "Cubanelle"–green-yellow-orange. (pls specify)  From our friends at Kitchen Garden Farms.

  • Onions: “Cortland”, “Rossa di Milano”, “Red Wing”

    • lb $5

    Cortland – typical yellow keeper

    Rossa di Milano- Italian heirloom red

    Red Wing- Red onion, v. small

  • Garlic – fresh, young

    • per head $3

    From our friends at Honey Dog Farm.

  • Shallots

    • per lb. $15

    Unmistakeable flavor.  New crop.

  • **Winter Squash, “Robin Koginut”

    • per lb. $6

    "Koginut" –  Of Chef Dan Barber and "Row 7 Seeds" fame: rich, deep, full flavored squash served completely unadorned at his Blue Hill restaurant–the most squashy squash there is!

  • **Winter Squash, “Honey Nut”

    • per lb. $6

    "Honey Nut"–the awesome, very sweet mini-butternut (1/2-1 lb. ea.) that's golden brown and adorable as it is yummy.

  • **Winter Squash, “Delicata”

    • per lb $6

    the sweet, striped zeppelins that everyone loves!

  • Salad Greens

  • **Radicchio, “Bel Fiore”

    • per lb. $10

    "Bel Fiore"–Beautiful Flower–tre colore, this large oval, open head is three colored: white, light yellow-green and speckled with dark red streaks–great bitter-sweet flavor of organic radicchio.

  • **Radicchio, “Indigo”

    • lb. $10

    Beautiful, tight, dark maroon heads–a typical chioggia type. From Kitchen Garden Farm.

  • **Romaine

    • per head $5

    Chunky, crisp, juicy heads for every purpose from ceasar, to wraps, grilled or in asian-style soup.  Always great.

  • **Baby Arugula

    • per bag $6

    Sharp and buttery–just like arugula should be!  From our friends at Honey Dog Farm.

  • **Sorrel

    • per head $5

    The classic sour green – jazz up your salad, or use for the iconic French soup.

  • **Green “Gem”-Boston-type Lettuce

    • $5 per head

    "Gem" lives up to its name.

  • Baby Spinach

    • per bag $6

    Suculent. From Queen's Greens.

  • Rare Organic Heirloom Apples

    Fantastic, nuanced organic heirloom apples, each exquisite and unique.  From Scott Farm Orchard in Dummerston, VT

  • **”Ananas Reinette”, “Hudson’s Golden Gem”, “Belle de Boskoop”

    • per lb. $6

    "Hudson's…" has the suggestion of pear in texture and flavor!

    "Belle de Boskoop" delisious out of hand, but is the ultimate Dutch pie/baking apple.

    "Ananas Reinette" extraordinary delight juicy hint of pineapple. (translation from French: "Pineapple Princess")

  • **Blue Pearmain

    Sweet with a bit of a tart background flavor.  The flesh is firm, dense and crisp.  Tasty eaten out of hand although you might want to peel it.  Recommended it for baking, a favorite for baked apples as its skin holds up perfectly. Also makes an excellent pie and a tart, yellow applesauce that cooks up in a couple of minutes. 

  • Granola

    Bola Granola is Berkshire gold.  Chef Michelle Miller has produced this magnificent nutty concoction, and it has been a Moon In The Pond staple for decades.  We’re delighted to offer it. 

  • BOLA Granola, “Original 20% Nuts”

    • 1 lb. bag $9

    Robust flavor, toasty, always crunchy and amazingly fresh.  “Original 20% Nuts” is handmade with organic oats and pumpkin seeds, California almonds and the best vanilla.  Bola Original combined with Berle Farm Yogurt (see below)–Breakfast HEAVEN!

  • Dairy

    From our local farmer friends…

  • Yogurt, Quarts

    • quart $10

    From Berle Farm in Hoosick, NY.  Absolutely exqusite–creamy, sweet, tangy, smooth and delicious, grass-fed yogurt in glass quarts. ($2 credit when you return the clean, empty jar.)

  • Cheese, Berleberg

    • 1/2 lb. hunk $15

    Also from Berle Farm…“The flavor is of buttered popcorn, with a smooth, luscious texture. It is perfect to use in gourmet grilled-cheeses served with spicy tomato bisque. Berleberg is also hearty enough to put on artisanal burgers for a great twist.”–Culture magazine  approx. 1 lb. hunks

  • Cheese, Haymaker

    • 1/2 lb. hunk $15

    Also from Berle Farm… a superb hard cheese, similar to Romano. Fantastic for grating or using in a salad or on a cheese plate, thinly sliced.

    approx. 1 lb. hunks

  • Dried Beans

    We’re excited to offer a wide variety of wonderful heirloom beans.  Each is as tasty as it is beautiful. All packaged in half pound packs. (See our Instagram feed, or Facebook page for a video!)

  • Dried Beans

    • 8 oz $6

    Bosnian Pole Bean, Etowah, Cannelini, True Red Cranberry, Marfax, Little Brown Cat, Case Knife, South Carolina Red Stick, Hidatsa Shield, Vermont Speckled Cranberry. Please specify variety and number of packs.

  • Mushrooms

    Seasonal varieties of wild and cultivated, as available, both fresh and dried.

  • Lion’s Mane, Cultivated, Fresh

    • per basket (8 oz) $15

    Delicious and meaty, suggesting lobster or crab. Slice into steaks, start in a dry skillet, add butter to crisp. Fantasique! (All the rage as brain food, immune booster, panacea)

  • **Oyster, Log-grown or wild, Fresh

    • per basket (8 oz) $12

    Outdoor Log-grown Oyster mushrooms have a fuller richer flavor than the usual indoor/sawdust-grown ones.

  • Dried Wild Foraged Culinary Mushrooms

    • per packet $5

    Maitake, Black Trumpet, Chicken of the Woods -(separate packets-please specify variety and number of packs)

  • Dried Cultivated Culinary Mushrooms

    • per packet $5

    Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Oyster -(separate packets-please specify variety and number of packs)

  • Reishi, Dried, Wild

    • per packet $10

    “Ling Zhi” or “Mushroom of Immortality” highly regarded medicinal tea.

  • Specialty Items

    Other farm products lodally sourced from our farmer friends.

  • Passata

    • per 24 oz jar $9

    From our friends at Kitchen Garden Farm. Exquisite San Marzano tomato puree!

  • Fresh Herbs

  • Parsley

    • per bunch $3

    From our friends at MX Morningstar.

  • Sage, Thyme, **Parsley, Tarragon, Chives, Mint, Savory, Rosemary, **Za’atar, etc.

    • per bunch $3

    Please specify type. Each herb is bunched individually.

  • Dried Herbs

    Farm grown and dried at the peak of freshness.  Wide variety–ask! 

  • Dried Herbs

    • per packet $3

    Rosemary, Sage, Dill, Thyme, Mint, Tarragon, Nettles, Chives, etc.  (separate packets-please specify variety and number of packs)

  • Dried Peppers

    Farm grown and dried at the peak of freshness.  Wide variety–ask!

  • Dried Peppers

    • per packet $3

    Ancho, Calabrian, Cayenne, Bulgarian Carrot, Serrano, etc.  (separate packets-please specify variety and number of packs)

  • Honey and Infused Honeys

    Berkshire honey is sublime wildflower nectar collected in the hills and valleys of the southern Berkshires.  Our infused honeys are artisanally produced by us at the farm.  They are infused with fresh flowers and herbs gathered at the height of bloom then enveloped in honey and allowed to mature for at least six months.  A european delicacy that’s great adorning fine cheese, to enhance a good black tea, or on its own to brew a fantastic sweet tisane.

  • Dandelion Flower Infused Honey

    • 6 oz $15
  • Thyme Flower Infused Honey

    • 4 oz $10
  • **Berkshire Wildflower Honey

    • 8.9 oz net wt $10

    Just honey–amazing honey from the magnificent flora of the Berkshires!

  • Syrups

    Time-honored, traditional and delicious!

  • **Maple Syrup

    • per jar $15

    Exquisite Berkshire maple syrup at its best.  Incredible subtle flavors of coffee, toffee and the wood fire over which it was made.  From our blueberry friends at Wild Acres Farm in Otis. 

  • Winter Radish-Thyme Honey Syrup

    • 5 oz bottle $10

    A traditional natural cough remedy made from winter radish, honey and thyme.  It really does soothe and quiet a cough.  It’s also so delicious it can make a great herbal tea.  (…or a great cocktail!)

  • Hot Pepper Sauce and Oil Paste

    Our own famous lacto-fermented chili sauce and paste.  No cooking, no sugar, no vinegar–just the complex subteties of the peppers with their natural sweetness, enhanced by the tartness of the fermentation.

  • **Red Hot Sauce

    • per bottle $12

    Our own famous red pepper hot sauce.  Naturally fermented for a year from a wide variety of local, organic, hot and sweet peppers for an unrivaled flavor.  No cooking, no sugar, no vinegar–just natural goodness!  This vintage has a rich pepper-sweetness and medium heat level that comes on slowly. 

  • Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce

    • per bottle $12

    Fermented from green Jalapeno peppers this sauce reveals the essence of the peppers without the overpowering flavor of sugar or vinegar (besause there is any of either in the recipe!) Medium hot and fantastic!

  • Green Jalapeno Chili Oil Paste

    • 4 oz $8

    Our lacto-fermented Jalapenos in sunflower oil–hot dang!

  • Pork

  • From our own pasture-raised, organically-fed,  historic breed “Large Black” pigs.

  • Loin Chops: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $14.00
  • Rib Roast, Bone-in: approx. 3.75 lbs.

    • per lb $13.00
  • Spare Ribs: approx. 1.5 lbs.

    • per lb $12.00
  • Tongue: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $12.00
  • Pork, Fresh Belly (uncured): approx. 4 lbs.

    • per lb $12.00
  • Ham Hock, Fresh (not smoked): approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $10.00
  • Pork Liver: approx 1 lb.

    • per lb $10.00
  • Leaf Lard, not rendered: approx. 2 lbs.

    • per lb $7.00
  • Feet (Trotters): approx. 2 lbs.

    • per lb $6.00
  • Bones (meaty stock bones): approx. 3 lbs.

    • per lb $6.00
  • Back Fat (Fatback), w/ skin: approx 4 lbs.

    • per lb $5.00
  • Tail: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $3.00
  • Kidney: approx. 0.5 lb.

    • per lb $3.00
  • Pig Ears (fresh): approx. 0.5 lb.

    • per lb $3.00
  • Heart: approx. 0.75 lb.

    • per lb $5.00
  • Farm cured and smoked using a traditional Vermont recipe

  • Bacon: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $19.00

    Unique artisanal unsliced slab bacon, farm-cured in sea salt, organic sugar and maple syrup, then farm-smoked over hickory and sugar maple wood.

  • Smoked Pigs’ Feet: approx. 2 lbs.

    • per lb $11.00

    Same artisanal curing and smoking as the bacon and jowl.

  • Smoked Pig Tail: approx. 0.5 lb.

    • per lb $10.00

    Same artisanal curing and smoking as the bacon and jowl.

  • Sausage and cured meats.

  • Cured Pork

    Artisanally cured using traditional recipes and methods.

  • Salami, “Contadino”

    • $20

    Unique Italian “Farmer”-style, salami produced exclusively for us by our friend Jack Peele at Jacuterie. (approx. 6″ links)

  • **Pancetta: approx. 0.5 lb.

    • per lb $27.00

    Made exclusively for us by our friend Jack Peele at Jacuterie.

  • Lardo, di Colonnata (Artisanal Cured Back Fat): approx. 0.25 lb.

    • per lb $27.00
  • **Guanciale (Sweet Cured Jowl): approx. 0.5 lb.

    • per lb $26.00
  • Beef

  • Our own 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised, rich, full flavored “Scottish Highland” beef.

  • Shank: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $8.50
  • Bones: approx. 3 lbs.

    • per lb $5.00
  • Veal


  • Our own 100% pasture-raised, rich, full flavored “Scottish Highland” veal. (no confinement, raised in the field)

  • Bones: approx. 3 lbs.

    • per lb $8.00
  • Suet: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $1.00
  • **Chicken

  • Our own pasture-raised, organically fed, heritage breed “New Hampshire” chickens.

  • **Broiler/Roasting Chicken: approx. 1.75-4 lbs.

    • per lb $10.00

    Whole chickens. Please specify approx size.

  • **Soup Hen: 2- 4 lbs.

    • per lb $12.00

    Organic and pasture-raised–the ULTIMATE soup/stock bird!  (specify weight range)

  • Hearts: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $5.00
  • Feet: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $5

    The foundation of any great chicken stock or soup.

  • Lamb

  • Our own 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised, heritage breed “Soay” sheep.

  • Loin Chops: approx. 0.30 lb.

    • per lb $26.00
  • Leg, Bone-in: approx. 3-4 lbs.

    • per lb $22.00
  • Stew, bone-in: approx. 1 lb

    • per lb $15.00
  • Riblets: approx. 1 lb.

    • per lb $10.00
  • Liver: approx. 1 lb

    • per lb $10.00
  • Heart: approx. 2 lbs

    • per lb $8.00
  • Kidney: approx. 0.5 lb

    • per lb $5.00
  • Bones: approx. 3 lbs.

    • per lb $5.00
  • Suet: approx. 2 lbs

    • per lb $3.00
  • New